16 February 2015

Strategic Websites

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The brain and the heart

The website is the heart and brain of the Digital Persona on the Internet. It is meant to inform, educate, persuade and convert interest into leads and sales.

All Marketing efforts lead to the website

Other marketing channels such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online advertising, and even conventional marketing channels such as Print and Television Ads today redirect interested people to your website for information and conversion into leads.

Good websites are planned and serve a strategic purpose

Websites are often treated as brochure or catalog sites with no strategic purpose or intent in mind. However websites deserve careful thought and planning so that they not only inform and persuade today, but continue to remain scalable as the business grows.

The platform and technology needs to be scalable, and easy to update, add new features and also secure and easy to backup. Only then will they easily support digital marketing campaigns across different marketing channels.

We believe websites are strategic assets

Considerable planning and strategic thought goes into every website we build. We consider the client's business, competition and its Digital Marketing Strategy to develop the website features, content and navigation.









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Every Business needs a strategy

Irrespective of size of the business, every business must have a articulated and written down Digital Marketing Strategy in place. Without one in place, it's very easy to get lost in the internet maze, blow up millions of dollars, and not realize any tangible short or long term benefit.

One size does not fit all - One channel does not serve all

Facebook may be the best channel of marketing for one kind of business, while it may be the most inappropriate media for another. A strategy will evaluate available channels of marketing against the relevance of the channel to the business and its relative costs vs returns in comparison to other alternative media.

Bewildering and beguiling range of channels to blow away the marketing budget - even very large budgets

Everyone you meet has their own favorite marketing channels. Some will swear by Facebook, while others will strongly recommend google adword campaigns. Yet others will advise content marketing and some will say PR, and many may say use them all.  It is true that all these marketing channels can drive traffic to a website. But will they drive traffic to your website?  Will they result in sales leads and sales?

Why spending time and effort on developing a strategy pays off

Developing a strategy enforces the discipline of laying out objectives, evaluating options, aligning with overall business goals and other marketing activities. Setting out into Digital Marketing is akin to setting out on a voyage to the Americas without any navigational aids - not even a compass.


We develop Digital Marketing Strategies

We are Marketing Professionals first. Capability to look at business and business objectives from a CEO's perspective.  A very tight grip on technology. A knowledge of the plethora of marketing channels and their relative strengths and weaknesses. And a commitment to client success.

Like to know more about how we do it? Call us for a no-obligation discussion.






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It's not simple - but it's the most Powerful

Email Marketing is not a simple act of collecting email id's and just shooting out emails asking customers to buy something. Of all the Digital Marketing Channels available, this is the most powerful tool available to all businesses. You can build brands and generate leads very effectively. But you can also easily lose customer goodwill and erode brand value if it is not handled right.

Single stop Email Marketing Solutions

Starting from email marketing opportunity identification to campaign execution and campaign analysis, we do everything in between and beyond.

If you would like to know more about what we do and how we do it - call us for a no-obligation discussion.



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