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Outsource the copywriting or write it yourself ?


Good copywriters who understand your business well enough to independently write on it could be expensive. Inexpensive generalist copywriters may craft messages that are inferior to what you or people in your business could do on your own.


Depending on your budgets and copywriting skills within the business, you could take a call on doing it yourself or outsourcing it. Even if you outsource it, you will still need to spend considerable effort in providing the copywriter with sufficient inputs and reference material for him to be able to turn out a job to your satisfaction. If you outsource, our recommendation would be that you do the content structure, and actual content draft yourself, and then turn it over to a copy writer to polish the communication.


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Overview of B2B Email Marketing

Successful B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely effective marketing medium in B2B business scenarios. Unlike consumer marketing where customers are innumerable, customers are easily identified and limited in any B2B. Since the number of people to be addressed is limited, and contact details obtained relatively easily, Email marketing can be leveraged with potent benefits to the organization.

In B2B Email marketing the fundamental principles of marketing continue to be relevant. It definitely pays to spend some time thinking,formulating and documenting an Email marketing strategy prior to initiating any customer communication.

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