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Strategic Websites. What features should you look at for your company website?

I have often looked for information on what features are possible on a website. There are various articles out there on the web. But I have been unable to find an article that tries to list all the features that are feasible on a website.


While I will be putting down various features, it is by no stretch of imagination comprehensive. This is a constantly evolving field, and I doubt any single document could ever list it all. There are some technical articles with technology based features listed. There are a whole bunch of articles on Top 10 features etc. When I first started looking for some extensive documentation, I couldn't find any.


Especially documents that list a wide range of features to choose from, and more importantly written for a non-technical person . Without much more introductory or explanatory text, let me dive into the subject of this article.


Who will find this article useful?

This article is meant for Senior Managers, Marketing personnel, HR professionals and others who are looking for developing a website - for corporate use, community or promote their own business. The effort is ambitious, and please do add on features I may have missed out (am sure I will be missing out on quite a few).


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