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intranet small 1Intranets help employees become more productive

  •  Every organizational task rquires collaboration - whether it is production, sales or Customer service. Employees need to work with members of their teams and teams from other departments.

 Email is not very conducive for collaboration

Traditionally the collaboration today happens through emails, meetings and the telephone. However meeitngs and telephone are not very productive as they call for synchronous communication - each of the members has to be present in real time to communicate.

Email permits asynchronous communication, but it does not help collaboration between a larger group of people. Also threaded discussions and email tracking become very problematic as more employees join the discussion.

Intranets are the answer

Intranets are the answer for improving collaboration between people, enabling organized asynchronous communication and also boost productuvuty with many productivity tools that can be deployed.

Intranets are not expensive

You can today have a decent featured Intranet starting as low as Rs. 15,000/- . In the past, when every application had to be custom coded, Intranets were prohibitively expensive and fraught with development risks for the smaller organizations. However new CMS with their multiple applications makes it surprisingly very inexpensive and affordable for even a five employee organization to benefit from the productivity boosts that an Intranet enables.

Easily Scalable

Intrnanets built on CMS are sclable to feature an increasing number of new functions. The CMS acts as the platform - like say the Windows server, and the applications can be installed on top of the platform.

Plenty of out of the box applications


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