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intranet small 1Intranets help employees become more productive

  •  Every organizational task rquires collaboration - whether it is production, sales or Customer service. Employees need to work with members of their teams and teams from other departments.

email mktg 1Email Marketing: It's not simple - but it's the most Powerful

Email Marketing is not a simple act of collecting email id's and just shooting out emails asking customers to buy something. Of all the Digital Marketing Channels available, this is the most powerful tool available to all businesses. You can build brands and generate leads very effectively. But you can also easily lose customer goodwill and erode brand value if it is not handled right.

strategy smallEvery Business needs a Digital Marketing strategy

Irrespective of size of the business, every business must have a articulated and written down Digital Marketing Strategy in place. Without one in place, it's very easy to get lost in the internet maze, blow up millions of dollars, and not realize any tangible short or long term benefit.

websiteWebsite is the brain and the heart of the digital persona

The website is the heart and brain of the Digital Persona on the Internet. It is meant to inform, educate, persuade and convert interest into leads and sales. All Marketing Channles lead to the website, and the website needs to be easy to update, scalable and flexible.

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